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"I started Pilates to get in shape, but what I didn't expect was to find my new favorite way to curse under my breath. It's tough, but oh so satisfying. Now, whenever I'm feeling stressed, I just imagine myself doing a Pilates roll-up and suddenly everything feels a little bit better."

Melanie M

I recently attended a reformer class at  Core Pilates studio, and I must say it was both fun and unexpectedly hard! The class was led by an energetic and motivating instructor named Lindsey, who guided us through a series of challenging exercises on the reformer machine.

Despite the difficulty, I found myself pushing through the class, and by the end, felt both worked-out and exhilarated. I never expected that a reformer class could be so much fun yet challenging. It was a fantastic experience! Will be back.

Sarah P

"Breathwork is like a mental floss for my soul - it clears out all the cobwebs and leaves me feeling fresh. It's like a yoga class for my lungs, but without all the weird pretzel poses. And after each session, I feel so spiritually buff that I'm pretty sure I could bench press a cloud."

Sury Bolder

"I never thought I'd be the kind of person to do Pilates, but here I am, feeling more flexible than a Gumby doll. The first time I tried it, I couldn't stop laughing at myself wobbling around like a newborn giraffe. But now, I'm hooked and can't imagine starting my week without a good Pilates workout."


"Oh my, let me tell you 'bout this funky cool place, Where you'll work your core and find your grace! It's called Core Pilates, and it's totally rad, A studio that'll leave you feeling oh so glad!


The atmosphere's peaceful, the vibes are chill, Your abs will hurt 'cause the instructors have skill. They'll guide you through moves that'll make you sweat, But with their humor and warmth, you'll never forget!

I've toned my body and cleared my mind, And all thanks to this studio that's oh so kind. So if you want to tone up and feel divine, Come to this funky studio, it's the perfect shine!

Rhyming Rick

Arti Ross


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