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Women's Circles & Dance

Embody your life!

Circle of Life

Women's embodiment* circles and dance are a beautiful expression of the feminine spirit, a powerful way for women to connect with their bodies, their souls, and each other. These circles offer a sacred space where women can let go of their inhibitions, embrace their sensuality and explore their unique essence through movement and dance. The rhythm of the music, the flow of the body, and the energy of the group create a powerful synergy that can help women release emotional blockages, cultivate inner strength, and connect with their inner goddess. It's a beautiful reminder that our bodies are a temple, a vessel for our souls, and a source of wisdom, power, and healing. By joining together in these circles, women can create a collective force of love, empowerment, and sisterhood, reminding us that we are all connected and all deserving of love and acceptance.

*This is a limited enrollment class. A 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect. All sales are final.

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