What is the benefit of choosing Integrated Balance Training to become certified to teach Pilates?

Integrated Balance creators have a combined 50 years of experience in movement science, healing touch, fitness and rehabilitation and have combined current scientific principles with the original work of Joseph Pilates to create a holistic certification opportunity.

Our curriculum strives to meet prospective students ‘where they are’; thus, we have created a reasonable and flexible series of courses that allows individuals to work at their own pace and to earn teaching certification consistent with the Pilates Method Alliance should clients be interested in pursuing national certification as well.

How do I become certified to teach Pilates through Integrated Balance?​

Students are required to complete the basic pre-requisites and then individuals who are new to Pilates Instructor training begin the certification process with Phase I - Contrology Fundamentals and Basic Mat and then Reformer. This series includes pre and post skill assessment and can be followed by Phase II which includes training on the Cadillac/Barrels/Chair & Ped-a-Pul.

What are the pre-requisites for starting training with Integrated Balance?

1 semester Anatomy and Physiology course work or on-line anatomy class and IB Anatomy Pre-Assessment

Working knowledge of functional anatomy (assessed prior to course work)

6 months of movement training or body work preferred OR licensed health care professional

Are other Pilates Certifications recognized by Integrated Balance?

YES! Pilates instructors seeking to complete certification through Integrated Balance, must complete the Contrology Fundamentals and Post-Course Assessment with 85% passing rate at which time students may enroll in the apparatus coursework individually. This course will allow currently certified instructors from other organizations to earn 12-PMA-CEC

Are there additional costs besides the course fees?

The tuition may be paid for in 1 or 2 ways. Phase I and Phase II or Comprehensive. The tuition includes the minimum requirement training hours for each Phase.

Pre-requisite training hours are not included in the tuition.

For comprehensive certification there are required reading materials and small apparatus are not included in the course fees. Texts are available at most public libraries and small apparatus can be used at most studios and will not exceed an additional $60.00.

Exam Registration Fee is $125 for each Phase and is due 14 days prior to scheduled exam date.

If I have other questions how can I contact Integrated Balance?

We are committed to offering individuals and opportunity to integrate Pilates into their lives and appreciate the opportunity to answer any of your questions personally.

Education Director:
Kristen Nelson-Veltkamp, MS, PT, CSCS, PMA-CPT

Phone: 479.713.9824