What our clients say:

  • I believe that Pilates is the main reason I am pain free in my shoulders for the first time in over 27 years - Joan Wimsatt, Dentist

  • I did the tapes for 2 years but I have to say it made a big difference learning the correct technique and I don't think you can learn that from a tape - Sarah Koenig

  • I grew an inch and I can use all the height I can get - Elise M, mother of 3 great kids  

  • "Pilates is the perfect cross-training exercise. I do it three times a week and it has helped elimate most if not all of my back pain and as a bonus has allowed me hit a stronger forehand and serve" - Mike H - tennis player 

  • "I lost two inches around my waist. I can see definition in my shoulders and arms instead of just thick looking skin. I am actually looking forward to wearing short sleeves this year" - Michelle